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Here are some things that I have made that were not necessarily made for resale; more for my enjoyment or as gifts for friends, etc.  However, if you see anything that you like, I would be more than happy to discuss making it for you.  These items are specialized in nature, are not in stock and usually would require a substantial deposit or payment in full before I could begin.  Please click on the thumbnail picture to open another page to see a larger view.  Custom orders are welcome, just ask!

All of my products are handmade by me using the Tiffany style. The glass is cut from larger sheets of glass following a published pattern or one created by me.  Due to the nature and charteristics of glass, no two pieces are the same, even when cut from the same sheet of glass, each piece is unique.  Most of my creations are done from my own patterns since I rarely seem to find patterns for exactly what I want.  The edges are then made smooth using a wet grinder. Copper foil is applied to the edges and soldered together to form the final product.  Hooks, etc. are added where needed.  The final product seams may be stained using a patina in black, copper or brass or left silver, my personal preference.  Everything is then cleaned and hand polished and made ready for your enjoyment!

This site is not set up and secured for financial transactions. I do accept most major credit cards for transactions over $25, but my personal favorite always  is cash/check.  Please contact me at or with contact information and I will be glad to discuss it with you.

Items are listed as updated with most current items first.

Caring Place Mosaic Table

Highmark Caring Place Table Mosaic 36″

M Mouse Suncatcher

M Mouse Suncatcher

Tractor Suncatcher

Tractor Suncatcher

Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

Sailboat Custom Suncatcher

Sailboat Custom Suncatcher approx 8″ high x 6″ tall

Heart Suncatcher

Heart Suncatcher

Seagulls and Sailboats

Angels and Star

Angels and Star

Candle Holder and Small Seagulls

Candle Holder and Small Seagulls

Mallards and Birds

Mallards and Birds

Trains, Pears and Shamrock

Trains, Pears and Shamrock

Wreaths and Trees

Wreaths and Trees

Candle Holder Octogon and box

Candle Holder Square and box

Prairie Chevron Panels Bedroom View (2 – 9″ x 36″)

Prairie Chevron Panels Left View Lower Level with Artist

Prairie Chevron Panels Lower Level View (2 – 9″ x 36″)

Boy Skier 04.2011

Boy Skier 04.2011 (6″h x 2″w)

Girl Skier 04.2011

Girl Skier 04.2011 (5″h x 2″w)

Blue Lead Panel 04.2011

Honey Bear 12.5″ x 12.5″ Panel 03.25.2011

Girl Soccer Player

Girl Soccer Player (7″ h x 5″w) Added 02/07/11

Girl Softball Player

Triangle Turmoil

Triangle Turmoil Suncatcher (7″ x 7″), updated 01/11/11

Flying Pig Suncatcher

Flying Pig Suncatcher (4″x3″), added 12/31/10

Red Shoes Panel

Red Shoes Panel (9 3/4″ x 13″), added 12/14/2010

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Panel

Wolf Panel


Unicorn Panel

Sunflower Panel

Sunflower Panel

Studio Window

Studio Window Panel


Star Suncatcher

Small Boxes

Small Boxes Closed

Smalll Box

Small Boxes Open


Shamrock Suncatcher

Butterfly Nite Lite

Butterfly Nite Lite


Nutcraker Suncatcher

Mountain Balloons

Mountain Balloons Panel


Lighthouse Light


Lighthouse Panel

Jewelry Box

Rose Jewelry Box


Circle Suncatcher

Cat Tail Box

Cat Tail Box Closed

Cat Tail Box

Cat Tail Box Open

Cat Box

Cat Box


Bird Suncatcher


Batman Insignia Suncatcher

7 Responses to Some More Stuff – My Portfolio

  1. Tracy Zimmerman says:

    I love the red shoe panel!

  2. Val Fletcher says:


    My parents love the dog paw prints you made for them. Their hearts are still hurting over the loss this year of their beloved companions, Katie and Cory, whom they had for 15 years and who were from the same litter. Thanks for making this special request for me. They also really liked the cardinal. Of course you know, I LOVE my green butterfly you made and it makes me smile every time I’m at my kitchen window.


  3. Susan Stoltzman says:

    Would love to surprise my husband with the schooner.
    Would you consider making one for us? As we learn to
    sail, this is our goal. I turn 60 October 10th and I
    know I wouldn’t be around if it was not for Danny.
    If this is possible, let me know the cost. Happy to send a check. This is so last minute, doesn’t have to be by October 10th. I can give it to him for Christmas.
    Warmly, susan

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