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Recently restored this Tiffany ceiling lamp for a customer. Design was not soldered together, but rather the glass ‘floated’ in channels and held in place with metal tabs. Wiring and all electrical was very old and defective and had to be replaced. One piece of red glass was missing and I was able to match close to the color required. I’ve found that this is probably one of the biggest problem in repairing older stained glass works. Top metal cowling had separated from the lamp body in several places. I resoldered the entire top cowling and several tabs that were loose. Also applied brass patina to the solder to match the rest of the lamp. Disassembled for ease of repair, soldered cleaned and replaced the missing glass piece. Beautiful lamp. It was approximately 80 years old. Not a lot of glass work, but I was glad I was able to restore to it to near it’s original glory. Customer was happy with the result.


Original top view
Original side view
Original inside view with number pieces
Top has separated in several places from lamp


Glass pieces removed
Lamp shell with glass and electrical removed


Resoldered top
Resoldered tabs
Resoldered top, side view
Top with new electrical
Finished lamp with replaced glass, electrical, cleaned and waxed.

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