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Several years ago I acquired some stained glass pieces that were literally in pieces with years of accumulated dirt and grime. The man I received them from couldn’t bring himself to put it in the trash, so I took it off his hands. Unfortunately I had to discard most if it. Just wasn’t worth the effort to disassemble and clean. Had one item that intrigued me and I promised myself to re-purpose it. It was a column box with a stained glass design in it. It was approx. 6 ft tall and 9 inches wide. I shorten it to approx. 4 1/2 ft tall due to some damage to the wood. The glass itself had many broken pieces and I was only able to salvage only 25-30% of that. Added additional glass and created a sunset river scene. When the glass panel was done, I refinished the existing box and realized that I could insert a clock mechanism into the top face. I added LED strip lights inside that can be dimmed for backlighting. Not thrilled with the finished project, but satisfied that I was finally able to re-purpose it and add a useful and decorative item to our family room.

Clock River Scene

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