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Recently had the honor of being asked if I would mosaic a table top at my favorite place, the Highmark Caring Place, where I volunteer.  Naturally, I accepted.  Although this was my first mosaic piece, I think it turned out fairly well.  The image of a butterfly and the broken heart is their logo, symbolizing the Hope (butterfly) that they give to grieving children and their families on their grief journey, following the death of their loved one. The blue glass used, both light and dark, were scraps from the Caring Place Butterfly suncatchers (Hope) that I made for all the volunteers for their volunteer gift for their 10 year anniversary of their location in Lemoyne, Pa.  For further details on the construction on this suncatcher, please visit my Page, Hope the Caring Place Butterfly.

As near as I can figure their are over 2,000 pieces of glass in this project.  Each one broken or cut with love and admiration for the work that is done within their facility and the strength of the families who come there for comfort and sharing.  This table is on display in their lobby (expressions) area by the fish tank in their Lemoyne, Pa location.  For further information on the Highmark Caring Place and the wonderful work that is done there, please click on the link here, above or under my Favorite Links on the right.

Caring Place Mosaic Table Top View

Highmark Caring Place Table Mosaic 36″ on its side

Caring Place Mosaic Table

Highmark Caring Place Table Mosaic 36″

I have added these Butterfly Plant Stakes to my inventory.  These are made from recycled silverware that I acquired.  These particular ones are from small forks with the middle prongs bent to simulate antenna.  A metal rod is then soldered to the silverware after attachment of the wings.  This was time consuming since I think the silverware needs to be at a higher temperature to be soldered.

Butterfly Plant Stakes

Butterfly Plant Stakes Butterfly 5″x5″. Stake 8″. $22.00

As always, I am open to doing commission pieces made to your specifications and budget.  I do not have this web site set up and secured for financial transactions, but if you wish to purchase anything from my PRODUCT PAGE , want a commission piece or just need more information, please contact me @ fickesglassact@gmail.com.  I do accept most major credit cards for transactions over $25, but my personal favorite always is cash or check.

Please check out my other pages on this site.  My ABOUT PAGE gives some background about myself and how I began my journey into making stained glass products.  For information about some of my stained glass sun catchers, stained glass panels and other stained glass products that I routinely stock or sell, please see my PRODUCT PAGE.  Viewing my SOME MORE STUFF – MY PORTFOLIO will show some other stained glass items that I have made for friends and commissioned sales pieces that I do not routinely stock, just to give you some idea of what might be available. Let your imagination soar!

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