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I have been spending the last few months finishing some commission work that I have started as well as adding a few things to my inventory.  See below for sneak preview!

I will be exhibiting at Central Dauphin High School Band Booster Craft Show on Saturday, March 23, 2013, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. My booth is located in the cafeteria on the back wall near the rear doors.  I am in the same row as last year but not the same spot as last year.  See picture below.  The vendor spaces are small but they attract many, many vendors for this event.  It is going to be a great show.  Stop by and see me!

CD Band Craft Show Layout 2013

Added these Screen Hummingbirds at the last minute for the show this Saturday.  Wasn’t sure I would have time to complete them.  Still have 4 more to do later on.

Screen Hummingbirds (magnetic) - $7.00

Screen Hummingbirds (magnetic) – $7.00 each

These decorated Easter Eggs suncatchers were recently ‘hatched’ in my studio and will be available for purchase at the Central Dauphin craft show this Saturday, March 23rd.  The pictures do not do them justice and must be seen to be in person, so stop on by!

Decorated Easter Eggs $10.00 Blues

Decorated Easter Eggs $10.00 Blues

Decorated Easter Eggs $10.00 Green

Decorated Easter Eggs $10.00 Green

Decorated Easter Eggs $10.00

Decorated Easter Eggs $10.00


And as always, I am open to doing commission pieces made to your specifications and budget.  Please contact me @ fickesglassact@gmail.com.

 Please check out my other pages on this site.  My ABOUT PAGE gives some background about myself and how I began my journey into making stained glass products.  For information about some of my stained glass suncatchers, stained glass panels and other stained glass products that I routinely stock or sell, please see my PRODUCT PAGE.  Viewing my SOME MORE STUFF – MY PORTFOLIO will show some other stained glass items that I have made for friends and commissioned sales pieces that I do not routinely stock, just to give you some idea of what might be available. Let your imagination soar!

‘Because Life isn’t just Black & White.’

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