Welcome to Fickes Glass Act

I have decided to take a more laid back approach and will not be showing at any crafts shows for a while.  I will explore the possibilities of selling through this web site and www.etsy.com and determine where and how to direct my efforts. 

In the mean time, as time permits with the holidays fast approaching, I will also explore doing some items that I have been wanting to complete for myself and make a real effort to enjoy what I am doing, rather than try to make this a thriving business.  I never started doing this to make a lot of money, but some sort of cash flow would be nice. 

I will be available for special orders or sales from my existing inventory, but I need to regroup my efforts.  I do enjoy making the items, but the marketing and sales end is too much like a real job to me.  I spent 45 years working hard and if I wanted to make money, I could make considerable more net cash bagging groceries on a part time basis, than what I am getting in return for my efforts doing stained glass.

→ ♥ My next scheduled show will not be until April 2012 at Central Dauphin High School.  More details to follow. ♥

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